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Weekly Semester Training Schedule:


  1. Swim @6:15am

  2. Run @3:45pm


  1. Bike on your own

  2. Drylands @6:00-6:30pm in studio 1

  3. Swim @6:30-8:00pm in comp pool


​​​Off day


  1. Swim @6:15am

  2. Run @3:45pm



  1. Bike @10:00am

  2. Transition/Brick Run


  1. Strength @7:00am

  2. Bike on your own


  1. Run @9:00am

  2. Swim on your own


Racing Info

Our team races as part of the Mountain Collegiate Triathlon Conference, which includes teams from Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming. We have 2-3 races in the fall, then Regional Championships (Lake Havasu, AZ) and National Championships (Mission Viejo, CA) in the spring.  

During the summer, members of the team compete in triathlons all around the world at various levels, although not as a team.


2022-2023 Conference Races

Oktoberfest- Longmont, CO - September


Pumpkinman- Boulder City, NV - October 


Havasu Triathlon- Lake Havasu, AZ - March


Collegiate National Championships - Mission Viejo, CA - April


Other Event Info

We have a private, team Slack that we use for organizing social events and food outings. You will be added to the group once you pay dues.


Social events include retreats to the mountains, movie nights, frozen yogurt dates, and weekend hikes. 

Additionally, the team participates in volunteering at a variety of races throughout the year as a way to give back to our fitness community. 

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