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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a triathlon?

A triathlon is a race where you get to swim, bike, and run. It's pretty incredible.


What are the distances you compete in?

Our collegiate competition races are typically Olympic distance. Swim: 1500m, Bike: 40k, Run: 10k. There are also many races that have a Sprint distance. The lengths are about half the Olympic distance. 


Ironmans? Do y'all train for those?

The Ironman is the ultimate triathlon. It consists of a 2.4mile swim, a 112mile bike, and a 26.2mile run. There are a few older members who have competed in this distance, but as a team we don’t train for Ironmans.


C'mon...How much is this gonna cost?

A reasonable estimate is anywhere from $600-$1000. The bike is the biggest initial expense. You will also need a helmet, running shoes, and swim gear. For more tips and tricks about ballin' a budget click here.


Why would I want to do a triathlon?

They sound painful and rough. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you cross a finish line of a triathlon. It is truly an awesome experience. Plus, you get the benefits of not burning yourself out on swimming, cycling or running just by itself.

Where is Boulder?

Boulder is located 30 min North-West of Denver, nestled at the foot of the magnificent Front Range (pictured above). The Denver International Airport is a mere 55 min bus ride away, making Boulder very easily accessible to the rest of the country and world.


How is living in Boulder?

Boulder is consistently voted as one of the best places to live in the US for its plethora of activities available in town and outdoors, incredible weather, relaxed yet high-achieving atmosphere, and general openness. There is no exaggeration in saying that Boulder is one of the greatest places each one of us will ever live in. You can hike the tallest mountains in the continental US, ski in Vail, go to concerts at incredible venues like the Red Rocks Ampitheatre, or simply lounge around Pearl Street, one of Colorado's premier pedestrian streets, all well within a two hour drive of Boulder.


What is school/campus like?

Campus is a jewel of the already beautiful city of Boulder. (campus tour) But beyond the sheer attractiveness of campus, the University of Colorado Boulder is a renowned school with an extremely high number of academic options and an established reputation for excellence. CU is a world-class research institution with some of the foremost programs for Atomic Physics, Integrative Physiology, Astrodynamics, etc. Click here to learn more about academics at CU!



We are a student-led club sports team at the University of Colorado Boulder. Our mission is to introduce college students to the sport of triathlon. We are apart of and compete against teams in the Mountain Collegiate Triathlon Conference (teams). Our ultimate goal is to win Nationals each year, but whether you are looking to be on the Nationals team or just looking to get in shape, this is the right place for you.


Cost To Join?

Team dues are typically $195/year or $110/semester.

(With this money, the club pays for coaching and subsidizes races. Coaching is open to all members at no additional cost.)


What if I have zero experience?

Definitely. One of the main goals of this club is to expose people to the sport of triathlon. Veteran members are more than willing to help out the newer ones. One thing you’ll find about triathlon is that most people are friendly and excited to share their love of the sport.


I don't have a bike...can I still join?

Yes. Most members start out with no biking experience. Come to the swims and runs until you feel comfortable adding the bike. Our bike sponsor is Specialized Bikes through Full Cycle. We get a discount so it’s where we recommend getting a bike. Or if used is more your thing there is always Craigslist.

Are there scholarships offered on the team?

There are no athletic scholarships offered for joining our team. We are a completely student run organization. CU offers many academic and merit based scholarships so please reference the University website for more information!



Nope. All are welcome.

I'm a Beginner... Anyone on my level?

Yes. Triathlon is a great way to get in shape. We have people of all abilities on the team and workouts for all levels. It is very likely that you will find one or more people who are the same speed as you in all three aspects of triathlon.


I'm an Expert... Anyone on my level?

Absolutely! The Colorado Triathlon Team is one of the best collegiate triathlon clubs in the Nation and the titles keep on coming year after year! Boulder is a training mecca for professional triathletes and there are numerous opportunities for you to train with them as well.


Where do you Swim?

Our swims are held in the main Rec Center pool.


Where do you Ride?

All our weekday rides start in front of the CU Rec Center. On Saturdays, our rides start in front of our triathlon sponsor shop Full Cycle (2355 30th St, Boulder, CO). Most of our rides go north, out on highway 36 to various routes. Helmets are mandatory for team rides (and recommended for all rides, team or non-team).


Where do you Run?

All our weekday runs begin in front of the Rec center main entrance. On Sundays we meet in front of Sewall hall by the turnaround.



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