Coaches and Officers

Head Coach: Brad Seng 

Lives in: Boulder, CO


Originally from: Bloomfield Hills, MI.


Studied: BA in Psychology from Albion College, home of the mighty Brittons, MA in Sports Administration from Wayne State University (both in MI).


Favorite Triathlon Discipline: Running comes most naturally to me, having chased a soccerball for years while playing through college. I used to despise running though, but now relish the opportunity to play a big game of Pac-Man while running down the competition in races.


A few words about CU Triathlon: "The history and tradition of excellence of our program is impressive, but even more so is the camaraderie and community found within the team. A group that encompasses a wide variety of athletic backgrounds and abilities, the team fosters an atmosphere of support and encouragement while challenging individuals to be their best. There are numerous opportunities for members to grow athletically, emotionally and intellectually all within a fun, competitive environment. Boulder is the mecca for endurance athletes and the University of Colorado Triathlon Team is an integral part of this larger community. No other location can match the resources, training opportunities, good weather and density of elite athletes and active individuals that Boulder has to offer."

Assistant Coach: Dave Sheanin

Lives in: Erie, CO

Originally from: Woodland Hills, CA

Studied: Psychology at UC-Irvine (go anteaters!) and MBA at CU-Boulder.

Favorite Triathlon Discipline: Swim for sure. Love the water but it's a curse--no one wins a tri in the swim, but I'm willing to keep trying.

A few words about CU Triathlon: "I love/hate living and training in Boulder. It's awesome to rub shoulders with some of the very best in the world as well as tons of really inspirational amateurs giving it their best. But training rides can easily turn into road races and runs into track meets. Sometimes it feels like it's competition all the time around here. Still, I would never trade the fantastic people, beautiful geography, and relaxed pace for anywhere else.

The CU Tri Team is a unique group. The championships are nice but that's not what makes this team special. We're a family and I've never seen such closeness among members of a group or team of this size anywhere else. It's hard to describe but you all make each other better every day you're together--on and off the race course."

2020-2021 CU Triathlon Team Officers



Gabby Trueblood

Junior - Business

Vail, Colorado

Interesting fact about you: Still can't change a flat tire

Favorite food: Ice Cream

Number of years on the team: 2

Favorite Event: BIKE

Vice President


Adam Bradshaw

Senior - Mechanical Engineering 

Dublin, Ireland


Interesting fact about you: I can juggle and solve a Rubik’s cube, but not at the same time


Favorite food: Sewall Omelettes


Number of years on the team: 3

Favorite Event: T2

Race Logistics


Devon Kroeker

Senior - Mechanical Engineering

Colorado Springs, Colorado


Interesting fact about you: I have three citizenships


Favorite food: Carrots, watermelon, or chocolate. I really have no idea. Or maybe garlic. Does garlic really count as a favorite food?

Number of years on the team: 3

Favorite Event: BIKE



Caroline Dixon


Junior - Aerospace Engineering

Prescott, Arizona

Interesting fact about you: Have spent more than 50 total days backpacking in the Grand Canyon.

Favorite food: Lasagna

Number of years on the team: 2

Favorite Event: BIKE



Favorite Event: SWIM

Morgan Oliva


Junior - Environmental Studies 

Centennial, Colorado


Interesting fact about you: I can hold my breath for at least 30 seconds 

Favorite food: Rice and Beans 


Number of years on the team: 2





Favorite Event: BIKE

Sasha Godsil


Sophomore - Elementary Education 

Nederland, Colorado

Interesting fact about you: I have never pulled an all nighter


Favorite food: Pho

Number of years on the team: 1





Favorite Event: RUN

Ashley Darrah


Sophomore - Neuroscience and Journalism

Longmont, Colorado

Interesting fact about you: I normally drink a half gallon of milk in one sitting

Favorite food: Sushi


Number of years on the team: 1





Favorite Event: SWIM

Drew Kroeker

Sophomore - Mechanical Engineering  

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Interesting fact about you:

Interesting fact about you: Devon already took mine. (3 citizenships)


Favorite food: Pasta

Number of years on the team: 1



Workout Coordinator


Favorite Event: RUN

Thomas Raney

Senior - International Affairs


La Canada Flintridge, California


Interesting fact about you: Can swim freestyle backwards!


Favorite food: Rice


Number of years on the team: 3