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Coaches and Officers

Head Coach: KJ Kroetch


Lives in: Boulder, CO

Originally from: Lafayette, CA

Studied: Architecture and Art History at Tuffs University

Favorite Triathlon Discipline: The Swim - I love the challenge of reading the conditions and trying to use them to my advantage!

A few words about CU Triathlon: CU Triathlon has an amazing reputation and cultivates such a great mixture of competitiveness and spirit. The program's commitment to the team as a whole is inspiring and makes me want to be the best coach (and athlete!) I can be. Champions are made by programs that believe in the team's success as a whole and that is where the CU Tri Team stands out.

Assistant Coach: Dave Sheanin

Lives in: Erie, CO

Originally from: Woodland Hills, CA

Studied: Psychology at UC-Irvine (go anteaters!) and MBA at CU-Boulder.

Favorite Triathlon Discipline: Swim for sure. Love the water but it's a curse--no one wins a tri in the swim, but I'm willing to keep trying.

A few words about CU Triathlon: "I love/hate living and training in Boulder. It's awesome to rub shoulders with some of the very best in the world as well as tons of really inspirational amateurs giving it their best. But training rides can easily turn into road races and runs into track meets. Sometimes it feels like it's competition all the time around here. Still, I would never trade the fantastic people, beautiful geography, and relaxed pace for anywhere else.

The CU Tri Team is a unique group. The championships are nice but that's not what makes this team special. We're a family and I've never seen such closeness among members of a group or team of this size anywhere else. It's hard to describe but you all make each other better every day you're together--on and off the race course."

2023-2024 CU Triathlon Team Officers


Devin Schmuckal
Year: Junior
Major: Integrative Physiology
Favorite Event: Swim
Pre-Race Superstition/Routine: Wearing purple as a lucky racing color and eating toast smothered in Nutella

IMG_5955 - Devin Schmuckal.jpeg

Vice President/Inclusion Committee Chair


Luke Banich
Year: Junior
Major: Evolutionary Biology/
International Affairs 

Favorite Event: Run
Pre-Race Superstition/Routine: Dropping my watch in the toilet


IMG_3141 - Madeline Tapp.HEIC

Madeline Tapp
Year: Junior
Major: Integrative Physiology
Favorite Event: Bike
Pre-Race Superstition/Routine: Dumping heaps of baby powder into my bike and running shoes

Workout Coordinator

9086D793-96E9-4E34-B085-0EE0C4FBD2FE - Tyler Joyce.jpeg

Tyler Joyce
Year: Senior
Major: Communications
Favorite Event: Swim
Pre-Race Superstition/Routine: Thinking about what I’m going to eat after the race

Social Media/Marketing

Zachary Goldberg
Year: Junior
Major: Strategy/
Favorite Event: Swim
Pre-Race Superstition/Routine: Listening to 80's Rock Music



6EC1EA95-6810-4AB3-B045-222ECFBEE4AA - Grant Bolsinger.jpeg

Grant Bolsinger
Year: Junior
Major: Environmental Design 
Favorite Event: Bike
Pre-Race Superstition/Routine: Checking my tire pressure an absurd amount of times


Lily Harris
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Favorite Event: Run
Pre-Race Superstition/RoutineExactly 2 cups of coffee & a porta-potty stop

B1FD0583-DF5C-448E-9CC6-DFF0494D5124 - Lily Harris.jpeg


IMG_3433 - Anna Ikelheimer.jpeg

Anna Ikelheimer
Year: Junior
Major: Electrical Engineering
Favorite Event: Run
Pre-Race Superstition/Routine: Jump up and down and eat oatmeal (not necessarily in that order)

Race Logistics

3BA1DEF2-F498-4AD2-8E99-B205030E8B88 - James Kilgore.jpeg

James Kilgore
Year: Sophomore
Major: Business Analytics
Favorite Event: Bike
Pre-Race Superstition/Routine: Eating a Camu Bar

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